Hi, I’m LA

I’ve had an interest in photography since I was 13 years old. A school assignment gave me the opportunity to learn and explore photography with a professional photographer for my Art project.

I spent the rest of my teens and early adulthood with a camera at hand.  I was that annoying friend with a digital camera at an event, this was way before mobile phones had cameras and the ‘Selfie’ existed. I just enjoyed capturing those rare moments, then looking back at them with my friends and laughing.

After graduating from University with a degree in Psychology and Digital Media I purchased my 1st DSLR (professional camera) December 2011 and then began working as an Event Photographer in January 2012, for an online magazine called Soca News.  Not before long I had made partnerships with other photographers and magazines, which enabled me to expand my portfolio to include Portraiture, Fashion and Wedding Photography. 


During the course of a wedding I always tried to capture creative shots, combining the essence of the environment and my keen eye for detail. This was where my style of photography was born… 

My only difficulty from that point was choosing a specific area in Photography.  I began to explore more options, some of which includes Maternity, Life Style, Photojournalism, Corporate and Product Photography. It became apparent to me that I just loved to shoot, so as long as I had the freedom to create, I was happy regardless of the field.  

In 2016 I stumbled into the world of Fine Art Nude Photography.  The human form and the perception of beauty has always been an influential in my art work.  I found that with my camera I had the ability to make a person fall in love with their natural beauty and appearance, thus changing their perception of themselves.  

2019, I decided to specialise in Fine Art Nude/Boudoir Photography because I believe there is a great need for people to #lovetheskinyourin. My aim, to use my artistic flair, attention to detail and colours, to capture those important moments or create dynamic mood images with a message or meaning. Exploring my own creative direction and producing spectacular images makes this the best job I could imagine. 

More about me…

Life is about living and I certainly make the most of what I have. When I’m not focused on photo work, I am a typical mother of one, who simply loves to travel to exotic countries. My roots are from the Caribbean and I participate in Carnival annually in the UK and aboard.  I have a love hate relationship with food, it makes me happy to eat but can completely upset the body ratio.  On days off I enjoy participating in Latin social dancing, this help with the occasional over food indulgence. Lastly I enjoy painting, drawing and anything else I can get creative with.

Welcome to LA Creativity